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Mukachevo district

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Territory: 1.1 thousand square kilometers  

Population: 104.2 thousand people

Population density: 94,7 people per 1 square kilometer

Town: 1        


Urban village: 2


Rural village: 86

Representatives of almost 76 nationalities live in the territory of the region and the majority of them are the Ukrainians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians, Gypsies, Jews, Germans. Mukacheve region is one of the most interesting regions due to its historical specific character. It would be interesting to know that a Celtic metallurgical center, oppidum-site Galish-Lovachka where coins were produced was located near Mukacheve. Nearly a thousand of instruments, sheepshearing scissors, scissors for ironing of mountain boats, scythes, swords, mills, anvils, shields, fibulas, silver coins were found there. Exactly from this place formidable Celts who scared even Romans started their battle campaigns.

The territory of Mukacheve region was inhabited from immemorial. Times. The region was formed around the town appeared next to the manor house. According to the legends the name of the region and town of Mukacheve derives from the word “muka” (flour). The territory of the region was included into the Kyiv Rus. In the second half of the XI century it was captured by Hungarian feudals. In 1086 the population of the region was invaded by Polovtsians and in 1241 the hordes of Baty-khan invaded there. After invasion and ownership of the territory in 1281 by Halytsko-Volynskyi prince Lev Danylovych in 1321 the territory of the region was annexed to Hungary again. During many centuries the region was invaded by aliens. And only after suffering wars and slaughter it was annexed to the Soviet Ukraine in 1944. As an administrative unit Mukacheve district was established in 1946. Mukacheve district is specific by its history. Favourable conditions for living and economic activity predetermined early settlement of the foothills. The sites of an ancient man which belong to the paleolith and neolithic ages were found here. Later this territory was inhabited with cattle breeding and a little bit later with the tribes engaged into arable farming. There was a site of Golish-Lovachka near Mukacheve where a Celtic metallurgic center was located (second-sized in Europe). Metal goods were produced there. Nearly a thousand instruments, jeweler’s workshops, smithies, sheepshearing scissors, scythes, grain bruisers, swords, mills, anvils, shields, etc.were found there. The remains of the Neolithic age, as well as bronze, silver and gold coins of Roman Empire time, and Slavonic crockery were discovered not far from the urban village of Chynadiyovo. An old settlement of the Slavs, a site with remains of an ancient castle were found near the village of Kolchyno. A lot of monasteries were built in the territory of Mukacheve district.  




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