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Uzhhorod district

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Territory: 9 thousand square km

Population: 73.7 thousand people

Population density: 82 people per 1 square km

Towns: 1

Urban village: 1

Rural village: 64

It is located in the western part of Zakarpattia and borders on Perechyn, Mukacheve and Beregove districts. Uzhgorod region is original both in natural and historical-cultural aspects. The famous Velykodobronskyi wildlife reserve is located in its territory. Grey walls, yawning loopholes of castles, overlooking green valley of Uzh river and surrounding peaks, romance of bygones and incomparable beauty of nature will attract tourists for a long time, vacationers and scientists exploring unknown history pages of Uzhgorod district and Zakarpattia region on the whole.

The major part of the district is located in the territory of Zakarpattia lowland, in the north occupying apart of Vygorlat-Gutynskyi mountain range and its foothills. The highest peak of Uzhgorod district is Dunavka peak which is 1018 m high. Tysa, Uzh and Latorytsia rivers play a large role in relief formation. Besides, there are a lot of flumes as well as many ponds and reservoir storages in the lowlands. Many interesting facts are connected with the history of Uzhgorod district. The Uzhgorod union was announced on the 26-th of April, 1646 there and a new Graeco-Catholic church was established in Zakarpattia.

Capitalism development contributed to specific specialization of the certain regions. At the time the town of Uzhgorod became an important railway junction. The railway line Uzhgorod-Chop started to operate in 1872 in the territory of the district and one year later the railway line Uzhgorod-Chop-Mukacheve was established. In 1893 another railway line Uzhgorod-Velykyi Bereznyi started to operate and the line Uzhgorod-Beregove appeared in a year.

The first owners of big lands appeared at those times who extensively used hired labour. Machine equipment was improving very fast and an industrial raw processing was performed. Fruits, grapes, vegetables were mainly grown but crops and legumes were less popular.

Nowadays urban village Serednie and village of Nyzhnie Solotvyno, Goriany Nevytske-Kamianytsiahold a prominent place in the tourism-recreation sphere of Uzhgorod district. Exactly through these settlements passes one of the most interesting tourist route convenient for car and bicycle tourists. The national architectural monuments are located here. Church and fortification buildings which testify the heroic history of our ancestors, garden and park monuments, curative mineral and thermal waters are of great interest for the rourists as well.

For instance, let us take the Serednie castle – a donjon being a monument of national importance. Once upon a time there were open ditches with bridges around the castle. There is a prototype of this castle in Slovakia. This is the most ancient form of stone fortification appeared for the first time in Western Europe in a from of square towers. Having returned from crusades the monks of martial Order of Knights Templars settled in the Danube basin by the king’s authority. Just they built a fortress there.

And for sure the fame of the village of Serednie is its wine vaults of agricultural firm “Leanka”. Livelong legends are connected with it. In the distance of a few kilometers in the direction of the village of Antalovtsi there is a village of Chertezh where you will discover a new monument of garden and park art, a house of the governor of Pidkarpatska Rus, Grabar, with Renaissance interiors of fireplaces and details of vaults dated to the XVIII-XIX centuries, steel columns of porch and a chapel.

Special attention is paid to revival of Nyzhnie Solotvyno as a center of sanatorium-resort area of Uzhgorod district. The complex “Derenivka kupil” which will be able to accommodate about 350 persons and the rest home “Kolos” for 150 persons, a new sanatorium-resort complex for 200 persons with skiing route and elevators will be opened in the nearest future. Taking into account a proximity of bypass highway Mukacheve – Bratyslava to the regional center the district is attractive from the post-Soviet countries but also for vacationers from far-abroad countries which number reaches annually 15-20 thousand people.

Nowadays in the territory of Uzhgorod district the Law of Ukraine “On special economic zone of Zakarpattia” is valid. Favourable investment climate is created in the district in order to attract foreigh capital with a purpose of contributing into the region’s economy and achievement of high positive results by implementation of many projects.

OJSC “Zakarpatinter-port” and LLC “Avtoport-Chop”, motor plant CJSC “Eurocar”, a plant of Japan corporation “Yadzaki” on production of automobile harnesses have already been successfully operating in the district. The Velykobereznianskyi state wildlife reserve is located in the territory of the district. In the suburbs of Uzhgorod near the village of Goriany there is one of the most ancient stone building of Zakarpattia, St.Anna’s Church built in the XI century. Its importance goes far beyond the Ukrainian borders.

In the north of Uzhgorod region there is a Nevytske natural boundary. A castle was built in the XIII century and a beautiful Vagner’s park belong to remarkable monuments of the natural boundary. One more interesting architectural and historical monument of Uzhgorod district is located in the village of Serednie. It is a unique medieval castle. Te village of Seredne is one of the centers of vine-growing and viniculture of Zakarpattia. In the village of Andriivka there are centers of horse tourism. Uzhgorod district has a lot of unique parks-monuments, such as Ploteni’s park in the village of V.Lazy and a park of 1848 in the village of Chertezh.

A monastery, numerous ancient temples and aristocratic palaces of Drugety’s and Ploteni’s families (village of Velyki Lazy) are located in the territory of Uzhgorod district too. Uzhgorod district is embellished by numerous exotic flora including 300 species of exotic plants.




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