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Velykyi Bereznyi district

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Territory: 0.8 ths. km2

Population: 29.9 ths. people

Population density: 37.5 people per 1 km2

Urban villages: 1

Rural villages: 31

Velykyi Bereznyi district is located in the northern of the region. It borders on Slovakia, Poland, Lviv region, Perechyn and Volovets regions.
Velykyi Bereznyi is a district center and is located on the right river-side of Uzh at the foot of mountain ranges. The territory of the district was inhabited in the first millennium. A.D. That is proved by treasure of bronze goods of the Early Iron Age (XI-X centuryB.C.) and an ancient burial ground of the VIII-VII centuries B.C. which were found here. Fort the first time Velykyi Bereznyi as a rural village is mentioned in the documents dated 1427. Velykyi Berezhyi district was formed in 1947.

Mountains occupy the major territory of the district. Lautanska Golytsia is the highest peak of Velykyi Bereznyi district and rises 1374 m above sea level. Uzh and Liutianka rivers play an important part in relief formation. The district has a mountainous relief as a part of the Ukrainian Carpathians (Verkhovynskyi, Vododilnyi and Polonynskyi ranges). Velykyi Bereznyi has an interesting arboretum park which includes rare species of the Carpathians such as Weymouth pine, plane tree, gymnocladus, ginkgo, etc.

The important transport road which leads to the districts Uzhotskyi, Semenivskyi, Pshelench Beskyd passes through Vodorozdilnyi range. Unique marble caves are found near the village of Kniagynia. A regional landscape park “Stuzhytsia” is established in the territory of the district. Velykyi Bereznyi is the biggest thunderous place of Ukraine, here up to 43 thunderous days may fall annually.

In the territory of modern Velykyi Bereznyi there is a unique place where a meteorite fell at the beginning of the XX century. The European newspapers wrote much about Kniagynskyi meteorite. The scientific expeditions rushed to this place. The Kniagynskyi meteorite parts are preserved in various museums of the world. Till the present days there are bold spirits set off for searching its remains. The longest railway tunnel of Ukraine Shcherbyn-Sianky of 908 m long is located in Velykyi Bereznyi district too.

An interesting fact is that after joining Zakarpattia as autonomy to Czechoslovakian Republic the artists Yosyp Bokshai and Adalbert Erdeli founded an art school in the village of Zhornava to be known as Zakarpattia Barbizon. There is a number of historical and architectural monuments in the territory of the district, unique wood churches and Kostrynobereznianskyi friatry.    




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