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Mizhhiria district

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Territory: 1,2 thousand square kilometres

Population: 50,5 thousand people

Population density: 42,3 people per 1 square kilometre

Urban village: 2

Rural villages: 43

The territory of Mizhgiria district is a picturesque corner of Zakarpattia which attracts visitors by its mountains, valleys, gushy streams and mineral strings the number of which in the district is about 50. The first settlements in Mizhgiria district began to appear at the beginning of XV century. A district borders on Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions and on five districts of Zakarpattia region. The territory of the district is rich in water resources. The biggest rivers are the Ricka and Thereblia ones. An artificial storage pool of Tereblia-Ricka hydroelectric power station is situated not far from the village of Kolochava. It is the most favourite place of summer resort for residents and visitors of our region.

Vast majority of the territory of the district is occupied by mountains and the highest point of Mizhgiria district is Strymba mountain. Its height is 1719 meters. Ricka, Repynka, Terblia and Ozerianka rivers play a significant role in relief formation.
The National Park “Synevyr” is situated in Mizhgiria district and was founded in 1989. The biggest lake of Zakarpattia and Ukraine Synevyr is also situated here.

The lake Synevyr is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of Carpathians. It is situated 989 meters above sea level and appeared as a result of a collapse during the Ice Age. There are two nature reserves of state value “Goliatyn” and “Large Yavorets and Obnoga” in the territory of Mizhgiria district. The plantations of ordinary relict pine-tree, fir-tree and silver fir with the biogroups of common yew grow there under surveillance. A part of the original landscape of Verkhovyna Carpathians is guarded in the landscape reserve “Grabovets” and is of local value.

Among the most outstanding places of nature we can mention one of the biggest waterfalls of Zakarpattia called Shypit, swamps of Glukhania and Zamshatka, Ozirtse lake and 500 years old oak which is an alive witness of foundation and development of the urban-type settlements Mizhgiria.
Mizhgiria district has 14 sights of architecture.

The Synevyr lake has always been folded with legends. One of them tells that in old times these mountains belonged to the count who had a beautiful daughter Syn’ (blue) by name. It seemed that in the the girl’s eyes all the bluishness of the Carpathians sky was concentrated.    
Once the count went into the mountains to check the hireling’s work and took his daughter with him. On a meadow where the sheep grazed Syn’ saw a young man playing a pan-pipe. Young people got acquainted and began to date secretly, until her father found it out. Syn’ was not scared of prohibitions so, the count ordered to kill the shepherd. One day Vyr (Whirlpool) by name was sitting and playing in the forest meadow. The count’s servants sneaked into it and pushed a big stone on him. Having heard a terrible news Syn’ began crying. The girl’s tears flew and flew until the meadow and she was submerged and a nice lake appeared in that place which the people called Synevyr. The water in the lake is dark blue like the girl Syn’ eyes. In the middle of a small island there is a stone-grave of Syn’ and Vyr…




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